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      Make every effort to produce anti - new crown drugs carefully to do a good job of prevention and control measures


      Leadership inspection

      On the same day, the standing committee of the rudong county party committee, the secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, the director of the supervision committee yan jingxiang, the mayor of yangkou town fan yu song and his party came to our company to investigate, to understand the company's epidemic prevention and production and operation, the company chairman cheng jian, general manager yuan yongjun received yan party secretary, on the current main work made a special report. < / p > < p > yan secretary of the company in the outbreak of the measures taken, to overcome difficulties to ensure production, he pointed out, as a well-known enterprises in the region, products included in the anti epidemic drugs series, to give full play to the advantages of full production, guarantee supply, while ensuring that the epidemic prevention work foolproof.


      Order and production


      On February 5, the general office of the national health commission and the office of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine issued the notice on printing and distributing the treatment plan of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus (trial fifth edition), which indicated that ritonavir could be used for the treatment of COVID - 19 virus. Upon receiving the notification of the downstream customer to return to work, the company immediately sent more than 1 ton of API intermediates and immediately started to prepare for the resumption of work and production.

      Around the Spring Festival, in order to resume production as soon as possible, the company has invested a lot of energy, accelerate the preparation, and actively organize. In order to guarantee the life and health of employees and ensure the normal production and operation of the enterprise, the company actively prepared various prevention and control materials at the beginning of the year. On the second day of the New Year, the company began to make daily statistics to understand the health and living conditions of the entire company's personnel, so as to timely grasp the dynamics of employees. At the same time, the company immediately set up the epidemic prevention and control leading group, leading each department to perform their respective duties, in order to prepare for the resumption of work as soon as possible. Subsequently, the company promulgated a series of management systems such as epidemic prevention and control management system, epidemic prevention and control classification system, disinfection management system, and abandoned mask management system, and combined with the formulation of relevant supporting processes, provided theoretical guidance for the prevention and control work from the institutional level, and made every effort to win the battle against epidemic. During the Spring Festival, on the resumption of work and production related matters, the general manager of the company yuan yongjun accepted the rudong TV reporters live interview.



      Starting from February 17, when the company returned to work, the company arranged senior executives to be on duty 24 hours a day to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures. Twice a day to arrange personnel to the company office, conference room, dining room, staff dormitory and workshop area to conduct a comprehensive disinfection, daily masks, disposable gloves and other protective equipment, twice a day for in and out of the company's every employee to measure body temperature (in the home of the employees through measuring WeChat group timely reporting), for employees to take company shuttle bus, carrying out responsibility system of conductor, the staff to measure body temperature in time, ensure the staff to work the body without exception.圖片4.png

      In terms of staff dining, the dining table of the canteen is rearranged, reasonably spaced, and the dining time is strictly controlled. Arrange special personnel to manage, let each employee line up to take the meal to keep a proper distance, do not speak, do not push, meal area disinfection and other measures to cut off the way of infection.


      Affected by the outbreak, the company's production and operation are facing many challenges. Despite the difficulties, the company tries to actively respond to them by training relevant personnel through WeChat group before returning to work, and conducting assessment by telephone after the training. After the resumption of work, the company reasonably arranged staff shifts and allocated production equipment to maximize the utilization rate of equipment, optimize the use of personnel and maximize the output. Before the resumption of work, the company had an annual capacity of 20 tons of ritonavir API intermediates. After the resumption of work, production at full capacity, the production efficiency increased by about 20%, to ensure that the needs of downstream customers.圖片6.png

      Although the epidemic situation is fierce, but can not stop the pace of the essence of people to forge ahead, all the colleagues of the company united, united, overcome difficulties, in this unforgettable time to write a new chapter of anti-epidemic production, common struggle, we always believe that the epidemic will be the past, the future of essence pharmaceutical will be more beautiful!

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